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Textbook Refunds/Returns

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General Information

The majority of all returns are handled during the first two weeks of every term. We know mistakes happen during the hectic book buying process and so we try to do everything we can to make returning your text book as easy as possible.


  • Receipt and photo I.D. must be presented at time of refund.
  • Do not damage or write in your books.
  • Wet or water-damaged books are non-returnable.
  • Do not unwrap bundled books or remove price sticker tags.
  • Books purchased after the refunds deadline are non-returnable.
  • Purchases made by check can be refunded after 10 days.
  • Credit card # and expiration date needed to return credit card purchases.


School Term Deadline
UO Winter 1/16/16
UO AEI Winter 1/23/16
UO Law Spring 1/22/16
UO Spring 4/9/16
UO AEI Spring 4/16/16
UO Law Summer 6/6/16
UO Summer Zero Week 6/14/16
UO Summer Session 1 6/25/16
UO Summer Session 2 7/23/16
UO Summer Session 3 8/20/16
UO Law Fall 8/26/16
UO Fall 10/8/16
UO AEI Fall 10/15/16

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